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Sharks, Whales and Tales with Monty Halls

We were delighted to welcome ex Royal marine, marine biologist, documentary maker and inspirational speaker, Monty Halls to Birkdale School. Monty took to the Heeley Hall stage and delivered two captivating talks. A fantastic afternoon all round with everyone taking away a very positive and consistent message – never fear failure and never give up!

The first talk was to pupils from Prep 4 (Y6) to S4 (Y10). Monty drew on his marine biology and conservation expertise and astounded the boys with a talk about sharks and other marine animals and explained how endangered some of them are. The boys were a credit as they engaged with Monty by asking and answering intelligent questions.

The second talk to our older students was about embracing failure. Monty explained that you have to choose your attitude in response to failure. With a winning attitude, failure can become success. This was hugely inspirational and very much in line with Birkdale values.


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