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Chinese New Year Art Competition - Year of the Rooster

Well done to the all of the boys shortlisted in the Chinese New Year Art competition for schools. The artwork was on show at Sheffield City Hall as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations that took place this week. Read on for details...

In the Senior School:

1st prize: joint winners: Hugo Lakin (S3) Ashwin Pradhanangn (S1)

2nd prize: joint winners: Ewan Ramsay (S1) Merlin Hancock (S1)

3rd prize: Tammam Al-Bahri (S1)

Runners up: Ivan Lai (S1) & Sam Scriven (S1)

In the Prep School:

Prep 1 and 2

1st place: Ved Seelam

2nd place: Jonathan Burton

3rd place: Rishan Jain

Prep 3 and 4:

1st place: Joey Howard

2nd place: Simon Peng

3rd place: Duncan MacColl


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