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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Thirty-five S3 students and several members of staff from Birkdale Senior School sat enthralled, as this award-winning adaptation of Mark Haddon’s seminal novel unfolded in the spacious yet somehow intimate environs of Sheffield’s Lyceum theatre.

The stage, with its futuristic grid-like mise-en-scene, hinted at a modern and highly physical production, whilst the shadowy figures positioned around the edges were intriguing to say the least. Without warning, a brash Techno-inspired cacophony burst forth from hidden speakers, and the audience watched as one, breathless and enraptured. As they spilled out of the exits, after 120 exhilarating minutes, it was clear to see that all those who made the trip to Sheffield city centre on a wet but warm May evening, were leaving the theatre having been blown away by Marianne Elliott’s ground-breaking, high-intensity National Theatre production.

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