School News

Lower School in London

S1 and S2 had a fantastic time in London last weekend. The boys were asked to write an account of the trip for homework. Here is one pupils account of the trip: "On Sunday the 11th of June Birkdale school were heading to London. After a long time of hugs and waves goodbye the coach of 11 and 12 year olds was off. Shortly after we were put into travel groups. Mr Low, Mrs Birtles, Mrs Stolz and Mr Pietrck. I can’t lie that a few people were scared to be with Mr Pietrek but he turned out to be so nice...

Anyway, we arrived at a service station and all we saw was a McDonalds. Everyone raced to get there. Meanwhile all the teachers were just relaxing in Costa having what they would have thought was a well earned cup of coffee not realising they had to deal with 40 boys for 3 days. Now that’s a challenge.

As we arrived in London it was just amazing seeing all the things we see on the news just in front of our very eyes. “I love London”. The bus finally arrived at the science museum. We went in and did the now very important bag check and then headed in to the museum. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it but looking at everything it was interesting. After a good start to the day we set off to eventually find the studio after a short delay because Mr Low decided to go the wrong way. When we got in we met a man called Richard. He was a little bit crazy but very funny. Now that a have learnt to fake slap people I have started doing all the time even strangling people looks real. After that we went for dinner. It was a really good meal but then it was time for the London eye. Heading slowly in the queue we eventually made it to the eye and we could see everything. Literally everything. After a good day, we went back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep. I don’t think there is anything better than waking up to a premier inn’s breakfast. It was amazing.

That morning we went to the tower of London which was amazing followed up by a foot-long subway, but then we headed off to my favourite part off the trip London dungeons. Weaving through the themes, seeing Jack the ripper all so exiting. The aquarium was luckily next door so we didn’t have another long trek across London. The sharks were huge but what surprised me most was the giant turtles. Wow they were big. After looking around the gift shop we headed out and went for a pizza hut buffet. After eating all I could it was time for stomp. Although there were ton of annoying Spanish people behind us it was still great. The following day we went to Harry Potter studios. I have no words for it except WOW! I took about a million photos there but shortly after it was time to go home back to Sheffield. It was an amazing trip I can’t wait until the next one."

Ben Hardman S1

Children's Hospital Charity