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Onatti Theatre Company Visit

The Onatti Theatre Company paid their annual visit to Birkdale on 16 June, performing their play “Le Café” to S1 and S2 pupils in the Heeley Hall. The play, which was performed by two native French actors, focused on the similarities and differences of the two languages both in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation. The pupils had spent time in French lessons studying the plot, characters and key vocabulary and so had no difficulty in understanding the play even though it was all in French!

Throughout the performance, pupils were involved in a variety of ways to bring to life the story of Colette, a teenage girl starting her first day working in a local café. After five minutes her boss leaves her to run the café on her own – not quite what she had in mind for her first day! She then has a big argument with her boyfriend; nearly poisons a customer; stops a robber and much more! However, with the help of a number of volunteers, the play hurtles on to its dramatic conclusion.

In short, it was a fun performance which was enjoyed by all.

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