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Quarry Bank Mill

The History department organised a trip to Quarry Bank Mill for Enrichment Day last Thursday. Here is an account of the day written by an S2 student "On Thursday 6 July, we went on a fantastic trip to Quarry Bank Mill near Manchester airport, where we learned about the awful lives of children during the industrial revolution. We were shown how raw cotton was turned into string and then to cloth using a variety of spinning and weaving machines, each invention being more efficient than the last.

Afterwards we went to the apprentice house, where we learned about the grim living conditions of the apprentice children. Most had beds but a lot had to sleep on the floor and leeches were used to clean the blood of sick children.

Many of the children who lived in the apprentice house were treated as orphans but often their parents were still living and they just left them to live and work at the mill. We then took a walk to the village, where the working families lived and learned about how their lives were better than those in Manchester, before going back home after a great day."


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