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EYP : Empowering Europeans: encouraging participation, cooperation and innovation

From Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 September 8 U6 pupils engaged in high-powered debating on a range of controversial topics relating to the EU in the national Finals of the European Youth Parliament competition.

Held at Liverpool Hope University, Lewis Chinchen, Elliott Groves, Erin Harvey-Gant, Haaris Herzog-Khan, Tom Hodson, Ellen Knight, Jenni Parsons and Sam Pickup wrestled with issues as diverse and relevant as a digital single market, e-voting and climate change. Five of our delegates won the right to address the 200-strong General Assembly with speeches that were full of zest. Lewis campaigned for increased female entrepreneurship; Haaris championed the rights of the modern family whilst Sam urged for amendments to that resolution. Jenni delivered a passionate exposition on greater inclusion for marginalised Roma and was warmly seconded by Ellen who challenged the assembly to abandon apathy in search of defying discrimination. All our delegates were active throughout the competition with Tom offering an adept rebuttal on rising euro-scepticism and Erin and Elliott making pertinent points to move the discussion forward.

Although we were not selected to move through to the International session we maintained a very high profile in the Committee work on Friday and the debating in General Assembly throughout Saturday and on Sunday morning.

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