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"Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage!"

The seventy S2 boys and five staff who travelled to Stratford to see Twelfth Night were by turns enthralled and taken aback – the superb Michael Cochrane’s interpretation of the hopeless Sir Andrew Aguecheek was a highlight, whilst Orsino’s rather risqué court raised a few eyebrows.

With Beruce Khan an understated Feste, and former Eastender Kara Tointon playing a diminutive yet forceful Countess Olivia, the boys were able to experience an engaging and highly memorable display of theatrical frippery, which will live long in the memory.

Washed up on the shores of Illyria after a ship-wreck, Viola hides her true identity by disguising herself as a man. Finding a job – and love – at the court of Duke Orsino, Viola becomes muddled in mistaken identities when her disguise begins to cause more problems than it solves.

Christopher Luscombe’s faithful yet but fresh production of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy is a joyous romp from start to finish – notwithstanding the overlooked downfall of the hapless Malvolio (brought to life brilliantly by former comedy enfant terrible Ade Edmonson). To a luvvie, Luscombe’s fine cast delivered their lines clearly, without diminishing the potency of Shakespeare’s verse, whilst Nigel Hess’ winning score breathes new life into the various musical interludes the play boasts.


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