School Matron

The Prep School Medical Room is staffed between 8.15am and 4.15pm by Matron (Mrs Tina Davis) who is First Aid qualified and previously worked for 13 years in the nursing profession.
The door to the Medical Room is always open to pupils, parents and staff; providing a supply of wet wipes, plasters, clean clothes, phone calls home, bumped head notes, lost property and spare PE kit as needed.
Children who become ill during the day are able to wait in the Medical Room for parents to collect them.
Children returning after illness, still on antibiotics, can have them safely stored and given as prescribed. Long term medications such as inhalers are kept in the medical room and given as needed. Where children have more serious medical conditions an individual protocol is drawn up with parents.
In addition there are two sick bays at Castle Dyke to cater for need within the Games programme.

Children's Hospital Charity