Pre-Prep 1 (Reception)

Our aim is to make Pre-Prep 1 (Reception) a happy and welcoming introduction to school life. We put a lot of emphasis on personal, social and emotional development which helps boys to become happy and confident members of the school family and allows them to learn how to learn.
The boys’ learning is based around the National Curriculum Foundation Stage and follows a broad-based curriculum with a focus on literacy and numeracy. This is often taught through topics and lots of hands on and creative activities to keep the boys interested and involved.
This is further enhanced by specialist subject teaching in Spanish, Music, Drama and RE. Throughout Pre-Prep 1 Physical Education is taught by the class teacher. Pre-Prep 1 also have a swimming lesson on a Friday afternoon.
The boys spend most of their time with their own class, but the two classes often mix together in a variety of groups. There is one teacher and one full time teaching assistant in each class. Our low child to adult ratio allows us to observe the boys’ learning and help each of them develop at their own pace.
The two Pre-Prep 1 classes have direct access to a private play area, which is used for a variety of teaching and learning experiences as well as informal play times - whatever the weather!
Key Facts
  • Class sizes average 16
  • 1 teaching assistant per class
  • Enriched Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Topic based learning and hands on creative activities to keep boys interested and involved
  • Specialist teachers for French, Music, Drama, Design and Technology and RE
  • Access to a safe outside learning environment
  • Swimming tuition

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