Pre-Prep 2 (Y1)

Boys remain with the same class, to ensure that they feel secure and established for the year ahead. Friendships continue to grow and staff liaise closely to ensure the transition is gentle and routines are kept and developed.
Average class sizes remain the same, with teaching assistants available in each class. The boys work in small groups and are given close supervision to ensure their academic and social needs are met. We aim to further develop their love of learning.
Particular emphasis is placed upon reading fluency and handwriting development throughout Pre-Prep 2. Each boy reads regularly to either the teacher or the teaching assistant. Books are taken home and boys are encouraged to read to an adult. Likewise homework begins to make an appearance.
Gradually boys are introduced to a more formal curriculum. A combination of knowledge and skills based teaching is used, however we still provide practical activities to reinforce and motivate the boys. Interactive white boards act as a stimulus to lessons and laptops are available to all boys when required. There is also timetabled opportunity in the ICT Suite.
Key Facts
  • Class sizes average 17
  • 1 teaching assistant per class
  • Emphasis on reading fluency with boys reading regularly to a member of teaching staff
  • Regular handwriting practice
  • Interactive whiteboard in each class
  • Laptops and use of ICT Suite
  • Specialist subject teachers for French, Music, Design and Technology, Drama and RE
  • Swimming tuition

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