Pre-Prep 3 (Y2)

The final year of Pre-Prep introduces a faster pace of learning, building on the strong foundations established in previous years. Also encouraging a growing sense of independence in their quest for knowledge. The boys learn within a structured curriculum which is differentiated to allow each boy to reach his own potential. Practical and creative activities still form a vital part of school life.
We continue to read regularly and give homework to consolidate topics and concepts covered in class. Boys are assessed regularly, results and outcomes are discussed with parents.
By the end of Pre-Prep 3 we ensure the boys are well prepared for the challenge of the Prep School.
Key Facts
  • Class sizes average 17
  • 1 teaching assistant per class
  • Boys are encouraged to work more independently
  • Balance of knowledge based and skill based learning
  • Interactive whiteboard in each class
  • Laptops and use of ICT Suite
  • Specialist teachers for French, Music, Design and Technology, Drama, RE, Art and PE

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