Design and Technology

The principal aim of Design and Technology at Birkdale Prep School is to equip boys with the ability to become independent thinkers, who are adaptable and enquiring in our ever changing modern technological world. They will develop their skills to work both independently and in group activities.

Boys are given the opportunity to experience designing, making and modifying using a wide range of materials, tools and processes including card, textiles construction materials, modern materials and ICT.

Pre-Prep (KS1)

In Pre-Prep Design and Technology is delivered for 1 hour a week for one term each year. Boys are introduced to the dynamic working environment of the D & T workshop space from the very start of their education.

Early experiences of Design and Technology at Birkdale Prep School include exploring materials through play, asking questions about how things work, investigating and using a variety of materials, developing making skills and a basic introduction to research and design.

Prep (KS2)

Boys explore a variety of materials and processes including card, textiles and construction materials. They use a wide variety of tools and equipment. The boys are given the opportunity to explore the design process from start to finish. They are guided through the different stages of the process from research, the generation and development of ideas and practical activities in which children realise quality functional products fit for their intended purpose.

A wide variety of projects are taken on. These are designed to build and develop the boys increasing skills allowing them to work towards greater independence and the ability to think critically, solve problems, modify and evaluate their work.

Expect to find: moving vehicles, funny faces, toys, picture frames, model trebuchets, torches and pneumatic tipper trucks in Design and Technology.

Christmas Term
Easter Term
Summer Term
Prep 1
(Year 3)
Card construction,
Design and make a card house
Levers and linkages,
Design and make a funny moving face
Pull along toy
Prep 2
(Year 4)
Picture frames
Packaging and the environment,
Design and make Easter egg packaging
Animal architecture,
Design and make an animal shelter
Prep 3
(Year 5)
Soft toys
Tipper trucks, Pneumatics
Google Sketchup 3D modelling, Design a dream home
Prep 4
(Year 6)
Mini Lights
Logo designs

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