Birkdale is a Christian School and as such Religious Education forms part of the basic curriculum. It is a compulsory subject at all key stages and encourages pupils' spiritual and moral development. We are, however, sensitive towards pupils own beliefs and the faith commitment of their families. It is recognised that pupils are drawn from, and live in a multi-cultural society in which many different views are evident. Respect for and sensitivity towards those with different views is encouraged.
The RE curriculum portrays a positive view of religion in general and Christianity in particular. The programme of study is divided into several themes as follows:
The Bible, Old Testament, Advent, Christmas, New Testament, Easter, Pentecost, The Early Church, The Church Today and Christianity in Action.
Each year group will look at material from each of these areas. During each unit pupils will learn about Christianity and learn from Christianity.
Christmas Term
Easter Term
Summer Term
Prep 1
(Year 3)
The Bible - Mary Jones
Old Testament- Abraham, Jacob&Esau, Jonah
Advent - Mary Wreath
Christmas - The Birth of Jesus
New Testament- 6 stories from John's Gospel. The "I am...."sayings of Jesus
Easter - Judas Iscariot
New Testament -Mary meets Jesus
The early Church
Christianity in action - Saint Augustine
Prep 2
(Year 4)
The Bible - a library, the Gideons
Old Testament- Joseph, Samson, David
Advent- Joseph, Candle
Christmas- incarnation
New Testament- stories from Mark's Gospel
Easter- The Roman Soldier
New Testament- Peter
The early Church- a witnessing Church
Christianity in action- Wesley, Billy Graham
Prep 3
(Year 5)
The Bible - a best seller
Old Testament- Hannah, Samuel, Solomon, Jeremiah, Daniel
Advent- Mary and Elizabeth. Calendar
Christmas-The name Jesus
New Testament- stories from Matthew's Gospel
Easter- Gethsemane, Pontius Pilate
New Testament-Thomas
The early Church- a persecuted Church - Stephen. Saint Paul
Christianity in action- a Church study
Prep 4
(Year 6)
The Bible - a book to die for - Tyndale, Brother Andrew
Old Testament- Moses
Advent- OT prophesies
New Testament- stories from Luke's Gospel
Easter- characters thoughts on Good Friday
New Testament- Road to Emmaus
Christianity in action- J.Laing, E.Liddell, Taize

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