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A Festive week at Prep

4 days ago
On Monday and Tuesday afternoon, the Pre-Prep boys performed the nativity to their parents and relatives. The boys sang beautifully, performed their lines clearly and danced with energy and obvious enjoyment. Many audience members shared their praise for the performance. Christmas Dinner was served on Wednesday and the Prep 4 boys kindly helped as waiters making the event very special. We are all so grateful to our skilful kitchen staff who prepare our delicious meals. In the afternoon whilst Pre-Prep enjoyed party games and a surprise visit from Santa the Prep department took part in the annual quiz.
14 Dec 2017

Christmas Fair raises £1557.80!

7 days ago
This year’s Prep School Charities Fair was a fabulous way to begin our school festivities. All proceeds, £1557.80 will go to our school Charity, the Children’s Hospital Charity. We would like to thank Mr Oakey for his hard work and the kind parents who helped to run many of the stalls. In a new initiative, Pre-Prep parents were invited to a ‘vintage’ café in Belmayne house where they could enjoy refreshments and cakes made by the Belmayne House staff before the fair. Mrs Tonks and Mrs Hobson made fabulous hosts and looked great in their Santa dresses.
11 Dec 2017

Prep School Cross Country

2 weeks ago
Two teams from Birkdale Prep finished admirably in their first outing at the Sheffield Schools Cross Country League last weekend. The Birkdale boys joined many other schools from across the city. It was a chilly morning at Graves Park, but the boys got stuck in on the muddy course and all made it round to give Birkdale its first team points of the season in both the P1/2 and P3/4 age groups. The boys demonstrated excellent stamina and a team spirit.
04 Dec 2017

Making Music at Prep School

3 weeks ago
On Wednesday 22 November the Prep School hosted a wonderful solos concert, which followed on from the Festival of Music Week earlier in November. Over forty boys from P1 – P4 performed solo and ensemble music to a packed audience of family and friends.  Everyone enjoyed a huge variety of styles ranging from Rock, Disney, Classical, Cuban, Folk Music and many more genres. It was apparent the boys have spent many hours of committed practice and lovely to see their blossoming talent.
27 Nov 2017

Prep 3 Chemistry Investigation

4 weeks ago
Prep 3 (Y5) pupils had a fantastic chemistry lesson recently when Mr Tryon from Senior School visited to take their lesson alongside their usual science teacher, Miss Black. The students investigated the Iodine Clock reaction that gives a sudden colour change around 30 seconds after the solutions are mixed.
22 Nov 2017

Inventive P1

4 weeks ago
P1 have been having fun getting to grips (literally!) with 3-D skeletal frames in their maths lessons.  Using art straws and Plasticine, the boys enjoyed constructing the frames, working out which 2D shapes were needed to create each face, and carefully counting the edges and vertices. 
20 Nov 2017

A Mysterious Visitor from the Past

1 month ago
PP3 had a mysterious visitor this week.  A lady wearing clothes from the past, smelling of smoke and appearing terribly upset came to Belmayne House.  The boys quickly established she was a survivor from the great fire of London, a time traveller! Mary Jane explained to the boys she was a candle maker and had escaped the fire and come to Sheffield to stay with family.  The boys were very sympathetic and listened carefully to her story.
13 Nov 2017

Prep School Raises £7295 for Josephs Goal

1 month ago
Birkdale Prep School have just completed a fabulous year of fund raising for Joseph's Goal, a tremendous charity based in Wigan, that promotes awareness of and funds research into a neural condition called Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia. The Prep School organised many activities during the year from cake sales and games in the playground to the Charities Fair and sponsored events. In fact one member of Staff walked the 100km long Race to the Stones!
13 Nov 2017

PP2 went down to Ecclesall woods today!

2 months ago
PP2 had a wonderful time when they visited Ecclesall Woods this week. The boys became woodland artists for the morning, inspired by the beautiful environment around them. Upon arrival, the boys enjoyed an energetic game to keep them warm before sorting the natural art media into different colours. 
26 Oct 2017

Autumn Days

2 months ago
Pre-Prep love to celebrate the changing of the seasons and Autumn is one of our favourites. The boys love collecting conkers and these have been used to inspire a range of learning experiences. The younger boys have been counting and sorting them according to their size. One boy has brought some amazing conker art into school; he created conker creatures which delighted his form.
16 Oct 2017

National Poetry Day

2 months ago
There was lots of literary fun in Pre-Prep last week. To mark National Poetry Day, nearly every boy and teacher brought a poem or rhyme in to share. Some of them had been memorised, one was written by a boy’s Mum, another a collaboration with Dad.
09 Oct 2017

Ciao Prep School

3 months ago
It was all about Italy last week as the boys celebrated European Day of Languages. Pre-Prep boys had fun making pizzas, designing their own flags, and trying to speak Italian. The Prep boys were also busy with an Italian themed day. They enjoyed opera in music, Italian in MFL, learnt about the Romans in history, found out about the Renaissance in art, in drama it was all about commedia dell’arte and in maths Fibonacci was the focus.
28 Sep 2017

'jSax Jazzing Pre-Prep

3 months ago
A group of boys in PP2 have enjoyed their first ‘jSax’ lesson today. Throughout the year all PP2 pupils will have the opportunity of 10 lessons of ‘jSax tuition as part of their music curriculum. The ‘jSax’; a starter instrument to give younger pupils the experience of learning the saxophone.
25 Sep 2017

Pre-Prep Love TrySports

3 months ago
All Pre-Prep boys have the opportunity to work with sports specialists for 6 sessions each year. Birkdale are very grateful to Jack Howieson and his team for the expertise they bring to school each week with TrySports. The sports sessions involve coaching a number of sport movement skills, which are transferable to most popular sports. The boys love the variety of games and activities, which are fun and keep them very active throughout the afternoon.
18 Sep 2017

Welcome to our new Birkdalians

3 months ago
The pouring rain didn’t put off our eager new Birkdalians as the new term commenced. We are delighted to welcome our new friends and hope they quickly feel at home.
11 Sep 2017

Fee, Fi, Fo Hmmmmm?

5 months ago
Yet again, the Pre-Prep boys have amazed, impressed and entertained us with their Summer Show. Written by Mrs Fletcher, with a little help from Stanley Leighton and George Mills in Prep 1, our very youngest boys told the story of a sadly maligned and misrepresented giant called Steve, a cow called Daisy, and eight enterprising brothers.
12 Jul 2017

National Champions

5 months ago
Birkdale Prep General Knowledge team have been crowned National Champions in the Quiz Club Championship. They travelled to Oxford Town Hall for the National final along with the Maths Quiz team who also made the finals last week. This also meant that Birkdale had become the only school in the country to reach the final of all three contests (Science included from earlier in the year), from well over 1000 entrants!
04 Jul 2017

Prep School Rock You!

6 months ago
Many congratulations to the 56 prep school pupils and many staff who took part in the two highly acclaimed performances of the musical 'We Will Rock You' last week. Performed in the senior school Heeley Hall nearly 300 guests attended the shows on Thursday and Friday nights. Based on the ever enduring music of Queen prep school pupils rocked the night away to resounding reviews from all those lucky enough to attend.
27 Jun 2017

Prep 3 Lake District Adventure

6 months ago
In early June, Prep 3 embarked on their now annual visit to the Lake District. Whilst the weather forecast for the week was not good at all, as always this trip was eagerly anticipated by Prep 3 pupils and staff. Indeed, for many of the boys this would be their first residential trip away from their parents and families!
21 Jun 2017

Sunny Sports Days

6 months ago
The Prep School boys enjoyed two Sports Day in perfect sunny conditions last week. We were delighted to see so many parents attending and cheering the boys on. Prep took part in eight Athletics events, competing in Houses and as individuals, with a possible 100 points available for each event. After two hours of grit and determination, it was Roberts House who would defend their title from Osborn, Westbury and Martin.
21 Jun 2017

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