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Prep Charities Week A Great Success

1 month ago
Last week everyone at Prep School enjoyed money raising, treat filled break times.Delicious cakes and buns were available for sale and Mr Oakey was very busy at the end of lunch times, entertaining the boys with playground games. All money raised will go to help this year’s school charity. We very much want to send our thanks for all the kind donations made by parents. The week culminated with a non-uniform day, a favourite with the boys, to raise money for ‘Comic Relief’.
27 Mar 2017

Knights, Castles, Arrows and Archery

1 month ago
This week, PP3 had a special visitor. Costard, a squire from Conisbrough Castle, came to our classrooms to ask for help. He wanted the boys to create Knights Handbooks for him to take back so that he could show the naughty pages and squires how to become knights. He hoped that this would help him to become a knight too. Of course, we agreed to help, as the PP3 boys are such great writers.
20 Mar 2017

National Quiz Success

1 month ago
For the sixth consecutive year, Birkdale entered two teams into the National Prep School General Knowledge Quiz competition and for the sixth consecutive year, one of our teams won the regional heat to progress to the National Semi-Finals. Even more impressively, in each of the last three years, the two Birkdale teams have finished 1st and 2nd in the regionals, defeating teams from all local schools.
13 Mar 2017

Creative Skills Workshop

1 month ago
On Tuesday 7 March, Steve Smallman, an author and illustrator from Staffordshire, spent the day in school working with our Prep pupils on their 'Twisted Tales' project.
13 Mar 2017

World Book Day

2 months ago
What a day! Firstly, we must congratulate the Birkdale boys for the dashing and daring efforts they made with their costumes. Amongst others, there were plenty of Harry Potters, Thing 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5! There was Captain Hook, The Big Bad Wolf and even The Boy in the Dress!
07 Mar 2017

Pop Maths Victory

2 months ago
On Saturday, twelve Prep 4 boys in two teams entered the Sheffield Hallam University Pop Maths Quiz and one team stole the show. With over 45 teams in attendance from South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, the team of Zach Thompson, Ben Inman, Joey Howard, Sam Gleadall, Simon Peng and Jacob Jordan performed out of their skins to score a perfect 20/20, two more than any other team, to win the huge trophy.
07 Mar 2017

P3 Trip to the Royal Armouries Leeds

2 months ago
As part of the P3 History project on the Tudors the boys travelled to the Royal Armouries in Leeds to participate in various workshops about Tudor Tournaments and armaments. After looking around relevant exhibits the boys had an opportunity to get a hands-on experience with some of the equipment used at the famous ‘Fields of cloth of Gold’. A major event in the life of Henry VIII. They also had a go at embossing their own armour designs.
13 Feb 2017

Young Entrepreneurs of the Future

3 months ago
This year’s Prep 4 are certainly an enterprising year group! Pupils have already had a great start raising money for our school charity, Joseph’s Goal.  Now with the New Year upon us, they have some fantastic new initiatives.
02 Feb 2017

Fairy Tale Magic in Belmayne House

3 months ago
There is a magical atmosphere around the Pre-Prep 3 classrooms. During their literacy lessons this term the boys are investigating Fairy tales. The story of Rumpelstiltskin is a firm favourite with our pupils. They have completed a variety of tasks relating to the story and their teachers have been delighted by the excellent creativity demonstrated in a number of written assignments.
30 Jan 2017

‘Babbling Vagabonds’ visit Pre-Prep

3 months ago
Pre-Prep really enjoyed spending time with William Grimm (otherwise known as Phil!) the story collector from The Babbling Vagabonds this week. We had been promised exciting and dramatic tales and enthusiastic story making, and we certainly were not let down!
24 Jan 2017

Developing Curious Minds at Prep

3 months ago
The Intellectual Curiosity club at the Prep School goes from strength to strength under the guidance of Deputy Head, Mr Leighton. The boys are encouraged to explore anything and everything, from the mundane to the preposterous, mathematical, scientific, artistic, philosophical or just topical. He recently wrote an article about the benefits of the club, which has been published in Prep School Magazine. If you are interested in reading the article, please click the link:
17 Jan 2017

Crucial Crew Life Skills Training Day

3 months ago
On Thursday 12 January Prep 4 went on their Crucial Crew Day at the ‘Lifewise’ Centre in Rotherham.  This is a personal safety educational programme delivered to all 10 and 11 year olds in South Yorkshire.
16 Jan 2017

Joyful Christmas at Prep School

4 months ago
Christmas at the Prep School is one of the highlights of the School year. This week has been filled with events celebrating this advent time. In Pre-Prep the boys have worked so hard to make the Christmas Nativity extra special this year. The singing was superb and all were entertained by joke telling Shepherds and marching soldiers, who sang a song alluding to the Proclaimers 500 miles! Of course the PP1 boys dressed as sheep, stars and angels brought a tear to all.
15 Dec 2016

Prep Christmas Charities Fair

4 months ago
Everyone looks forward to the annual Prep School Christmas Charities Fair.  This year there was a fabulous combination of a festive atmosphere, fierce competition and delicious treats. The Prep 4 boys have been very busy over this Autumn term preparing their enterprising ideas.  There were many exciting games and challenges which were very popular particularly with our Pre-Prep boys.
12 Dec 2016

Prep School Festival of Music

5 months ago
Last week Birkdale Prep boys and parents were treated to a delightful concert.  This was a superb way to end our Birkdale Festival of Music 2016. Parents were wowed by virtuosic solo performances (too numerous to mention individual names) and also creative and entertaining band performances from ‘Phase’, ‘The Bubars’ and ‘AFJ’.
06 Dec 2016

Prep Rugby Top of the Class!

5 months ago
This season so far has seen amazing success on the Rugby field for teams at U9, U10 and U11 level. All three ‘A’ teams have excellent records with both the U9 (six from six) and U10 (eleven from eleven) teams boasting 100% records despite facing some excellent opposition from across the length and breadth of Northern England. Indeed, of the 71 rugby matches played at all levels this term, the overwhelming majority have been won.
01 Dec 2016

Young Shakespeare Company

5 months ago
Last week, the Prep School had the pleasure of welcoming the Young Shakespeare Company for a performance of Macbeth. The Young Shakespeare company are an interactive theatre group that enable the boys a greater understanding of the characters and language of Shakespeare.  This year the boys looked with interest at the challenging text of Macbeth.
28 Nov 2016

Premier League Trophy at Prep School

5 months ago
Another busy week ended last week with a flurry of excitement as the whole Prep School had the opportunity to view the Premier League Trophy in assembly on Friday. The trophy arrived flanked by two security guards and each form was photographed with it.
21 Nov 2016

A Visitor from the Past Joins PP3

5 months ago
This week the PP3 boys were intrigued by a visitor from the past. Mary Jones, a victim from the Great Fire of London, appeared in the classroom to ask for the boy’s help...
14 Nov 2016

Prep School Science Quiz

6 months ago
Once again the Science Quiz regional heat came to Birkdale Prep School. Last half term the boys went through a selection process quiz and 3 teams, of two P3 and P4 boys were put together. The dedicated boys did some practice quizzes before Tuesday 1st Nov, the day of the heat. There were 5 teams in total and 40 questions had to be answered.
07 Nov 2016

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