Birkdale School

Celebrating National Poetry Day

Last week was an exciting one at Birkdale School. In celebration of National Poetry Day David Harmer, performance poet visited the Prep School.  A group of Senior School students also visited the Pre-Prep assembly and recited poems. With the help of some puppets and a flat cap, the Pre-Prep boys heard how the Owl sailed away with the Pussy Cat, we avoided the squares, a kite was flown, a door opened and a Granny Goat would like to eat a member of PP1!

David Harmer entertained us with recitals and running workshops in poetry writing. National Poetry Day on Thursday was a huge success, with most boys and teachers carrying poems in their pockets. Many of the boys put a lot of effort into memorising their poems and many recited them to others.

We were thrilled to see poetry being recited, performed and read aloud across all three school sites and look forward to more opportunities to work together in this way as a whole school team in the future.

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