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The Birkdale Bursary Fund

The Birkdale Bursary Fund is designed to help Birkdale School award bursaries to pupils who would benefit from a Birkdale education but do not have the financial means to attend.

Make a donationThere are significant numbers of children who would reap the rewards of the education and opportunity offered by Birkdale but who simply cannot afford the fees. We would like them to have that chance. We do currently provide scholarships and bursaries but we have no substantial foundation to fund such grants. Each year there are pupils who are offered a place based on the results of their entrance examination performance to whom we are unable to offer the financial assistance they deserve. If you are able to support us in our aim of widening access to the School through our Bursary Fund, you would be providing an opportunity to someone who will receive the education that could change their life.

A full bursary may cost around £10,000 a year when awarded at S1 or later on at entry to the Sixth Form.

How to donate:

There are many different ways to donate. Donations may be made direct to the School, over the telephone or online. Direct debits may also be set up and Gifts maybe eligible for Gift Aid which increases the value of your donation by 25%.

We hope that people will wish to become involved in some way to help us support more pupils in Birkdale and assist with the shaping of future generations. Your support is greatly appreciated and demonstrates your confidence in our success in the future.


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