Over the past 15 years Birkdale School under the guidance of Mr Brook and Mr Kenyon, have been running trips to Nepal helping in several poor schools on the edge of the Kathmandu plateau. Over these years they have developed a great number of very dear friends.

It seems that all contacts are safe after the impact of the earthquake. There is no electricity and there is a great deal of devastation. The Peace Garden School (built by Birkdale) is largely undamaged and since the earthquake occurred on a Saturday, no children were in the school at the time. However, some damage has evidently occurred to both the Peace Garden School and the Noble School both of which were visited less than two weeks ago by our students.

Kathmandu and Pokhara, as seen in the press have been devastated and therefore this is obviously the beginning of a very difficult time for everyone in Nepal.

In order to assist the plight of those in Nepal, Birkdale is holding a special fund raising day tomorrow Tuesday 28th April. With our contacts in Nepal we should be able to get funds straight to where they are needed in the country and all donations will be very gratefully received.

A Hockey Charity day fortuitously took place at the Goodwin Centre over the weekend and this has already started the money raising process. 6 a side teams played in a round robin tournament alongside coaching from the 1st X1 Hockey teams from both Sheffield and Hallam Universities. It was an excellent day of sport and skill and much enjoyed by everyone who attended, as seen in the photos below.