Mr Brook has received a number of photographs over the weekend highlighting the current situation in Nepal. The pictures speak for themselves and demonstrate how everyone is pulling together at this difficult time.

The pictures makes us all realise what we take for granted. The money raised so far is doing some good work. Please do keep everyone, including Mike and Patti, our friends in Nepal in your prayers.

“Tomorrow we are going to try and buy lots of plastic buckets, for collecting water and washing in , we hope to fill them with soap for washing, disinfectant, the hand cleansing stuff personal hygiene things for the women and girls and other bits and bobs that are useful if you are living in a makeshift tent. it will also help in the fight against diseases etc . The best we can do at the moment.” Quote from Mike 2 May.

Mike has also informed us that thousands of kilos of rice are being dispatched to the area around the epicentre of the earthquake.