Extracts from Mike Lock, Birkdale’s contact in Nepal:

8 May

‘Yesterday went well; we travelled by Jeep for about 2 hours into the country to an area that had not received any help. We took 200kgs of rice and 50kgs of dahl to help 25 families in a very small village. Most of the people coming to carry the sacks back to the village were young women. They walked for 3 hours to get to us and then 3 hours back to their village with a 20 Kg load on the their head and shoulders.

We also have provided 50 tarpaulins to local people here in Kokhana and Bungamati , to help cover their makeshift tents. It has been raining hard here so we were just in time with the tarpaulins!!! Having said that we are only able to help people at the tip of the iceberg.

Your help for them is huge so thank you to you at Birkdale.

We are now going to stop the immediate aid unless we have special cases as the “big boys” are in town and they should be doing good work by now.

Our plan for your money is to look at the schools and see what’s needed overall to get the kids back to school.

We are also hoping to help people re build in the following way – we are trying to get them to save as many bricks from their collapsed houses as possible. We will then later on provide them with sacks of cements etc. to help them to rebuild their houses. At least your money will go on real items for building as opposed to being wasted on non-essentials.’

11 May:

Please click here if you would like to read about the rescue work being done by the Children’s Orphanage which Birkdale has supported for a number of years.