Following the disastrous second earthquake to hit Nepal we have had this email from Mike Lock who explains how much aid is still needed:

‘We are a bit back to square one; the things we have done with your money have been a great help, especially now with this second large quake. Lots of the houses in Bungamati and in Kokhana that were cracked but standing and “may or may not” have been OK to live in downstairs or at least to cook in, have now collapsed completely so the new batch of tarpaulins came in very useful .

At the Peace Garden School, we had set up a counselling session for the young students to give them some help and convince them that it was safe to come back to school. They had a walk-through of the classrooms and then they were all seated on the floor inside a tent that was made up from the parachute that you brought over, when the earthquake struck again. There was a great deal of fear but no panic…lots of crying and tears as you can imagine. It was just terrifying for the kids and for the teacher.

The Head Master Arjun has lost most of his students for the foreseeable future as lots have left the valley to go back to their family villages. At the last count he had about 100 pupils who were prepared to come back, but that was before the second quake.

I have asked for a list of the number of children who have lost everything. The reason for this is that we may have to think about providing them with books and in some cases new uniforms.

I suspect that he won’t have enough money to pay the teachers. He needs to keep them, so, we may have to pay their salaries for perhaps 2 months until things start to get back to what can be called normal.

I feel it is so important to get the kids back to school in both the Peace Garden School and in the Noble school.’

The photos below show a rice mill which is extremely basic and simple, indicating how difficult it is to gain any progress in Nepal.