A public lecture was held recently at the University of Sheffield, where the Birkdale team reported on the successes of their recent expedition to Nepal. In addition to the engineering work carried out by the expedition team, they also carried out medical checks – eye and oral health – for affected locals in Nepal.

The experts from the University’s Department of Civil and Structural Engineering trained more than 50 pupils, parents and teachers from Birkdale School ahead of their visit to Kathmandu to help the local community with their recovery from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the worst in the country for over 80 years.

Ahead of the visit which took place in the Easter holidays, Professor Kypros Pilakoutas and his team held six intense training sessions on Earthquake Engineering, sharing their expertise on how to assess buildings, ensure they are safe, and examine structural damage.

Professor Pilakoutas said: “The Nepal earthquake in 2015 caused widespread devastation to buildings in Nepal. My team were able to pass on our knowledge about the damage that can happen after earthquakes and share the innovative techniques that we are developing at the University of Sheffield to limit the damage to buildings in the future.”

Keith Brook, head of Birkdale School’s charitable fund raising team said: “Birkdale School has a long history of helping the community in Kathmandu, Nepal and it was fantastic for our staff and pupils to gain skills and knowledge from the experts in Earthquake Engineering that are based at the University of Sheffield.”

Birkdale School have taken part in many charitable projects for Nepal, raising money and visiting the country every year since 2000.