May 13th

Our friend Janak Tuladhar in Bungamati has reported back about the Triatna Cooperative School. The school, (one of the three with which we have been directly involved over the years), was badly affected by the first quake in April and deemed unsafe for use. Plans were immediately undertaken to relocate the school and to build a “temporary classroom shed” on new ground. This project is already fully costed and we will help towards this, and, we hope, towards the cost of the building of a permanent school on the new site. Because Janak, like Arjun at the Peace Garden School in Kokhana, has the welfare of the children as his main priority, classes had been restarted before the second major quake on Tuesday and work had already started on the new temporary classroom.

There has been further extensive damage in the village, and, as elsewhere, the people are very frightened. It is fantastic that there are those amongst them with the courage and resolve to re-act so positively, and so quickly, to their disaster. We will give them all the help we can, through Mike Lock, who is being very careful to manage our resources, targeting them where they can best help the children at the three schools.

The photograph shows a classroom at Triatna School after the first quake. This was a well-constructed building unlike so many of the local houses and temples which have been reduced to rubble.

May 14th

From Mike Lock

The latest shock was “A shock”. Houses that were “sort of OK” and needed repair just collapsed. It was a real body blow for the people of the villages.

I have been all over the city trying to buy up tarpaulins as everyone is sleeping outside. The weather is very hot but we have large thunderstorms and heavy rain most days (or nights). We have just spent another £600 on these and we have given them out to people whom we think are the most needy as we see it.

The school plan I think is the most important now and tomorrow I am at the Peace Garden School again to try and create something with the school. The government has stopped schools opening for another 15 days after the second quake.