Below is a report from Mike Lock who evidently is doing a wonderful job in Nepal.

Clearly all the money raised through Birkdale since the earthquake first occurred, is being spent wisely and thoughtfully related to the priorities in hand.

‘Things are going well now; we are still getting little shocks but they are not causing any big problems. Many thanks for the money you have sent over. I will send you a list of the things we have purchased and supplied so that you know where you are.

The big agencies are now here and they seem to be “throwing” money at things.

The priorities for us to deal with seem to be: helping to rebuild or repair the schools; children’s books and kit; counselling for the children; subsidising teachers’ salaries; more tarpaulins, as everyone is living outside and in makeshift tents, and this will continue for some time. The money Birkdale has raised is vital, but I now need to take stock and prioritize things. The last thing we want to do is compete with the agencies.

We also have to beware of the “black market” and make sure we avoid them and only buy stuff from legitimate sources. Lots of the INGOs etc. who have just turned up are of course doing a terrific job but they just don’t know if they are re-buying stuff that has been issued out by the big agencies. At least we have an edge on that!’

On behalf of Birkdale, thank you Mike for all the hard work you are committing to those that need help in Nepal.

We have also received some recent pictures from the Children’s Home which is supported by Birkdale. Some of our funds have helped with the supply of food, bedding, shelter, zinc, tin sheeting, a water tank, medical support and clothes which were all urgently needed.