We have now received photos from Mike Lock, our contact in Nepal, that shows many of the buildings that our own students have visited over the years have indeed been badly damaged.

Bungamati village has been very badly affected. This is the village that the children live in that go to the schools that Birkdale help each year.

     Bungamati School and photos above show the village


The Peace Garden School also has structural damage and will need major refurbishment.

Donations are very much still needed and Mike Lock will ensure that money will not be wasted but will indeed be spent in a sensible and directed way. He has already purchased 600 kilo’s of beaten rice and sent this by truck to the remote areas where there is no food or water. Below are some pictures of the rice being sent out on vehicles. A further 1000kgs of beaten rice has also now been sent to the area near the epicentre where it is much needed. Mike Lock and his helpers seem to be getting it to these areas quicker than the Government!

The photos below show the home of Arjun, Head Master of the Peace Garden School, which has been demolished. His wife was pulled from under the rubble. They have been living in a makeshift tent from a parachute which had been donated for other purposes by Birkdale this Easter. However a tent has now been purchased for him and his family by the Lock’s.

To date we have raised over £10,000 and we continue to build up this fund so that we can directly assist the people in need in Nepal.