Detailed here is a summary of some of the purchases made by our contacts in Nepal recently.

“We have so far supplied food, bedding, shelter, zinc, tin sheet, a water tank, medical support and clothes in Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Sindhupalchok, Sindhuli and Jugu, Dolkha and Kaski.

Our second cycle of help will be helping people to rebuild their houses. Our target is for 80 families and 1000 children to assist in their needs. “

Shusma and Milan from the Orphanage

“We went to the outskirts of the Kathmandu district and Makawanpur district where people are not receiving aid properly. We were able to bless 70 earthquake victims with rice, lentils, oil, sugar, salt, tea, bathing soap and dish washing soap in small amounts.”

Bikash from the Leprosy Colony

“I managed to acquire 8 x 4-man tents which I will give to some needy families that don’t have anywhere to live or are unlikely to have a place before the monsoon…it’s only a “drop in the ocean” but at least it will help about 40 people as a 4-man tent to us will be a 6-man for Nepalese.

This afternoon we went down to the leprosy colony to see what we can do for them. The main problem is cracks in the walls. We have also provided each household (about 250 people) with 5-10 Kgs of rice and dhal, some mozzie-nets, Dettol and hand cleansing materials costing around £1800 in total.

I also met with Bikashat at his little Community Centre. We think that it has to come down. We know that if we knock it down carefully we can use most of the old bricks and then we can add new bricks where necessary. I want to get started on this before the monsoons so that he can use it for the kids. We will wait for the builder to give us his estimate and then try and crack on with it. I am not sure what it would cost but we are talking about £2000 at the most I think. “

“FYI –

There is quite a bit of “naughtiness” going on. Not with us but in general…some people are taking their cars to the worst affected areas and filling them with “aid goods” and driving back to Kathmandu and selling them! I am on the case and will do my best to ensure that your money is used in the right places and for the right people.

Also, we have started making the temporary classrooms for the PGS yesterday.”

Mike Lock