It was a welcome change this year for PP3 to visit Conisbrough Castle in the sunshine. Past visits have included wind, rain and hail!

The first task was to take a look around the bailey and try to deduce which buildings were there and what activities may have taken place took place 850 years ago. The PP3’s used clues, pictures and objects to help understand and imagine ‘castle life’ in the 12th Century. The boys’ favourite part of the bailey was most certainly the prison; its latrine clearly seen in the corner.

Next, the boys were keen to clamber the steps of keep which is over 30 meters tall. Inside, we visited each floor to explore the Lord’s room, the Lady’s room and the battlements, right at the top of the keep. Here, there were amazing views across Conisbrough and beyond.

We are always impressed with what the boys have remembered. We are very proud of our boys when they ask and answer questions from the guide. We are prouder still when members of the public take time to praise our boys’ behaviour.

More information about the castle can be found on the English Heritage website.

For those of you interested there are several events in and around the castle this summer on Saturday 23rd June between 10am- 4pm. These are listed on the Conisbrough Castle Facebook page (It’s our Heritage: Conisbrough and Denaby Main)