The Pre-Prep boys have, once again, worked incredibly hard to create a spectacular show for their family and friends to enjoy. Despite some challenging songs and complex choreography, the PP1 and PP2 boys sang and danced enthusiastically, incorporating lots of sporting movements into their performance, and the PP3 boys acted their parts with a professional confidence derived from their performance of King Lear in the Heeley Hall earlier in the year.

The plot of this year’s summer show was loosely based on the story of the Cinderella fairy tale, however our Prince Charming was far more interested in recruiting the 11th member of his football team and taking part in the World Cup tournament, than in playing a significant part in a Royal Wedding.

Thankfully, the Fairy Soap-Powder arrived on cue, enabling Sunshine (our Cinderella character) to don her football kit and astound the Prince with her amazing football skills at the Royal Ball. After leaving hastily on the stroke of midnight, discarding her football boot on the Palace steps, Sunshine was eventually found by the Prince. His team did take part in the World Cup and Sunshine scored the winning goal!

And was there a royal wedding? Well, you’ll just have to wait for the sequel. Well done to everyone who took part; we are all extremely proud of you!