Last week PP2 had a great time collecting leaves, nuts, twigs, feathers and shells in the Botanical Gardens. Today they were very creative and used these items to create autumnal artwork. Some of the boys made patterns and created abstract art, they enjoyed discovering the shapes they could make. Other boys printed pictures; we had smiley faces and one boy even made a fox! We definitely have some very creative boys in PP2.

PP1 had a fabulous time in the Botanical Gardens looking for signs of Autumn. We were lucky to choose a beautiful day for our visit. We collected leaves in a variety of colours and made leaf rainbows with them. We saw squirrels, found beech nuts, conkers and weeping pears. We had a brilliant time!

PP3 have equally enjoyed time in the Botantical Gardens collecting and identifying leaves that have fallen from the trees. In class, we completed studies about squirrels and during art classes created Autumn tree pictures, made craft owls and baked delicious apple pies!