A distinct lack of ‘humbug’ surrounded this gloriously vibrant Royal Shakespeare Company production, and the S1 and Sixth form pupils who were privileged to share in the experience came away buzzing with excitement. Aden Gillett’s curmudgeonly Victorian usurer always seemed to be suppressing the twinkle that erupted joyfully when Scrooge finally found redemption, whilst Gerard Carey made for a suitably brow-beaten but resilient underdog in the understated role of Bob Cratchitt, and Danielle Henry excelled in multiple roles – most noteworthy being her bold, bohemian take on the Ghost of Christmas present. With stagecraft to die for; joie de vivre in spades, and a director unafraid to experiment with an excellently realised framing narrative, the whole shebang was outstanding from start to finish. Roll on Christmas 2019..!