For the seventh year in a row, Birkdale managed to win the local area heat of the National U11 General Knowledge Quiz but not before a titanic tussle against teams from QEGS Wakefield and Derby High School. Having qualified for the National Final in four of the previous six years and winning the National Title in 2017, Birkdale has a pedigree for general knowledge and this year seems to be no exception. Quizzing success has also been seen in the Science Quiz team making it to the National Final for the third time this year and the Maths Quiz team face their Semi-Final in June.

This year the GK team had to negotiate questions about democratic governments, spinning velocities of planets and even the speech pattern of Yoda! It was a fantastic contest that saw Birkdale sneak victory on the final question from a very strong QEGS team. Congratulations to the team of Lucas, Neev, Louis and James. The boys now await the National Semi-Final after Easter.