PP3 are having a very exciting week. As part of a new topic about castles and knights they had a very special visitor, a squire named ‘Costard’.

First of all they found a note on a scroll, attached to an arrow. The next thing they knew, Costard the Squire turned up in school! It was in fact, S2 pupil Jacob who acted the part perfectly. It is fabulous to see how older Birkdale boys can participate in lessons, bringing historical characters to life for our younger pupils!

Costard was a little bit sad as he said he wanted to become a knight, but didn’t really know how. He was worried he may end up being a squire for ever. He asked for help, as he had heard there were some very clever boys in Belmayne Castle…

The PP3 boys were very helpful. They had lots of suggestions to make, and finally decided they would create some handbooks for Costard, so that he would know exactly what he needed to do. The boys are working on the books this week. Their plan is to include front covers, fancy writing, pictures and instructions. Their English and history lessons have now been given even more of a purpose, as they are endeavouring to make these books the best they can be!