On the afternoon of Wednesday 6th March a group of students took part in the Oxford Computing Challenge (sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services.) This competition is by invite only and is open to the students who performed in the top 10% of the country in November’s Bebras Computing Challenge. Birkdale had a commendable pool to pick from, with 37 students invited to take part. The challenge was accepted by 21 students who pitted their wits against a variety of online questions for which they had to escape mazes, flip images, draw turtle trails and calculate knotty physics problems – all by writing suitable programming code. We had a great turnout from S1 students – many of them yet to be taught a text-based programming language – and Code Club was well-represented across the year groups. We are keeping our fingers crossed that some of the students will have done well enough to be invited to take part in the grand finals in April.