The annual EMC English Language Conference kicked off in fine style this year, with an insightful and engaging talk on Accent and Dialect. Hot on the heels of this strong opening came Professor Tim Grant from Aston University, who introduced the intriguing topic of Forensic Linguistics, using some (at times) emotive and powerful case studies of how his department had helped the police solve several major crimes through the study of individuals’ language. After a short break, Rachel Hardaker discussed ‘trolling’ and the language of online abuse, again using some uncomfortable examples of peoples’ capacity for self-denial and online dissociative behaviour. Last but by no means least, the mighty David Crystal had the audience rapt as he used his trademark gentle humour and huge stage presence to educate us in the key examination area of Child Language Acquisition. Overall this was a great day and the nine A-level English Language students headed back to Sheffield with much to chew on.