On the 19 March, the two PP3 classes performed their version of Shakespeare’s Henry V as part of the Birkdale Shakespeare Festival.

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Burch adapted the original play and the boys were keen to get involved and quickly learned their lines. Mrs Fletcher’s innovative ideas on staging battles made rehearsals very exciting!

The day of the festival saw the PP3 boys trooping up to Senior School after lunch. When they arrived in the hall there was so much going on, stage lights were being tested, sound checks were performed and the stage was being set up. Our PP3 boys are professional actors and they took it all in their stride! Mrs Burch knew they would melt the audience’s hearts that evening.

Mr Low organised a warm up for all four of the casts involved and everyone was ready to start. A hush fell and the boys calmed their nerves and walked on the stage in front of a packed hall of parents and friends to start the evening.

All of the boys performed beautifully, remembering lines and cues and speaking confidently and clearly. King Henry roused his troops to battle and the boys rushed once more unto the breech, yelling and hitting tins with metal spoons. A fearsome sight!

The play ended with a rousing rendition of Agincourt to the tune of Abba’s Waterloo and the boys took their bows to well-earned, rapturous applause.