Reported by Hashir, Louis and Yousef (Prep News Club)

On Wednesday 3 July, boys from Birkdale and girls from Sheffield Girls’ took part in Orchestra Day. Over the day, they practised a brand new piece that they were to perform that afternoon. They performed in a remarkable concert with an unforgettable rendition of In the Hall of the Mountain King. “I was inspired to perform this piece when I visited Alton Towers with Prep 1 last week. It is very catchy,” explained Mr Bish. The concert was a great success. “I was very happy. The orchestra worked extremely hard and produced a fantastic concert”.

Mr Phillips, a parent who attended the concert, said that he did not expect there to be so many children and the choir was a lovely surprise. He “admired the clarinets in particular, alongside the fantastic drumming”. He gave the performance a solid 10/10. Ved (P3) really enjoyed performing in the concert. “I was feeling really nervous because of the big crowd but, when I started playing, I was feeling a lot better because, if you made a mistake, the other musicians could cover for you”.