PP2 went on an exciting trip to the Ecclesall Woods Discovery Centre. They caught the bus from Ecclesall Road and after a quick walk they were met by Helen, one of the centre staff.

The children listened well to the safety talk and were soon on their way to explore the woods. First of all they played an ice dragon game and then a ninja game to get warmed up and find their way around. After that they began to explore all the natural things in the woods. They looked at some pictures made by Andy Goldsworthy, a natural artist and were inspired to make their own. The children quickly gathered acorns, chestnuts, berries, leaves and sticks and made faces, people and a variety of ‘abstract pictures’.

Next they made magical tree creatures out of clay and found homes in the woods for all of them.  After a packed lunch in Hector’s House they said goodbye to Helen and set off for another adventurous walk through the woods to catch the bus home. The people on the bus and the bus driver were entertained by lovely singing on the way home and they all said a very polite ‘Thank you!’ to the bus driver.

It was a super day full of adventure, being outside in the fresh air and learning through play.