To celebrate the end of a fun-packed first half term at Birkdale Prep, PP1 prepared for a teddy bears picnic last week. This required learning a number of important skill, such as writing a special invitation to the teddies and also planning what they would eat and what activities they would have at the picnic. The pupils spent Thursday making and decorating some delicious teddy bear biscuits to share on the day. On Friday they were all very excited to bring their favourite teddies to school; they were very well behaved!

Another important decision was deciding what fillings to have in the sandwiches. The pupils then made a selection of delicious sandwiches in the Belmayne House kitchen. Finally, on Friday afternoon the picnic took place. Everyone (including the teddies) had a fantastic fun party, playing teddy games, eating the delicious picnic and listening to a going home story – about a teddy of course!

Well done PP1 on a ‘beary’ good first half term at Birkdale School!