The Joint Sixth Form Choir, together with Sheffield Girls’ enjoyed a most successful mini-tour to Paris and Disneyland at half term. The first of two performances was on stage in Disneyland. Here they performed a varied programme, including a Disney Dazzle medley. The choir then enjoyed spending the rest of the day in the theme park and enjoyed a spectacular fireworks display in the evening!

Thereafter the choir was hugely honoured to be invited to perform at the Robert Debre Children’s Hospital in Paris. This was an especially meaningful performance and the children thoroughly enjoyed it and asked for more!

Pupils and staff got to see many of the main tourist highlights in the centre of Paris including the Louvre Museum; a guided tour taking in the Eiffel Tour and many other famous sights; and a chocolate making workshop.

It was a fantastic experience for all involved and demonstrated the varied opportunities available to students at Birkdale Sixth Form.