Schools take you on a journey. They teach us about who we are and who we want to be.

We are proud at Birkdale to be a family that moves with the times – because schools are also on a journey. They need to reflect the community they serve and the family they are part of. This is a moment for change.

Girls are part of your family and they are part of ours. In 1995, we welcomed girls into our Sixth Form. And now, we have decided they should be part of our entire family.

From September 2020, we will begin the process of moving from being a school for boys with a co-educational sixth form to being a fully co-educational school.

We will be accepting admissions from boys and girls to join the Prep School, in classes between Pre- Prep 1 and Prep 1 (Reception to Year 3), in the 2020/2021 academic year and these co-educational classes will then continue through the Prep and Senior School. The first fully co-educational year group to join the Senior School will be September 2024.

We know change is never easy but we know change is vital. Birkdale has been one of Sheffield’s leading schools for over 100 years by never standing still. Through our long and distinguished history, our school has continued to grow and evolve whilst always promoting an excellent education for our pupils in a caring, Christian environment.

That will continue. Always. But it’s time for the latest stage of our journey to begin.

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