Gordon Grayson was Chairman of Governors at Birkdale from 1963 to 1991. During his tenure of office he oversaw many of the developments which made Birkdale the school it is today. He presided over the establishment of the Sixth Form in 1988, the building of the Science Block, the Sports Hall, the acquisition of Clarke House for the 4-11 Prep School, the Grayson Building, the Kirkham Library and the new Sports Fields at Castle Dyke.

He was the archetypal Christian gentleman, charming yet firm in his decision-making and keen to share with others the underlying rationale for the conclusions he reached. His integrity was readily apparent to all; he was fearless in doing what was right, however difficult this might have been.

For most of this time he worked in tremendous partnership with former Head Master Revd Michael Hepworth. Michael has paid tribute to Gordon saying ‘He was wonderfully supportive to me as a Head, and he was always ready and willing to help me with wise advice when I had difficult decisions to make, particularly in the mid 80s as we inched towards the decision to launch the Sixth Form.  Throughout it all, his fierce loyalty to Birkdale and all that it stood for ensured that we remained faithful to the twin aims of “godliness and good learning” based on a sound biblical foundation’.

His chairmanship of the Birkdale governors, from being one of the largest northern Prep Schools to membership within HMC as a recognised major Yorkshire independent city day school, could not have been achieved without his wise guidance and unfailing Christian leadership of the outstanding governing body he had assembled.

Mr Grayson’s funeral wll take place on Monday 10 February  at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium at 11.15am followed by a service of thanksgiving at Totley All Saints Church.

Gordon Grayson pictured here with Former Head Master Revd Michael Hepworth.