Having looked at many different fairy stories, Pre-Prep 3 have been working on their story writing skills. They talked about what good writing looks and feels like. In re-writing the story of Dick Whittington, they drew a story path, showing the different events that happened in the story. This helped when it came to writing. Mr Leighton asked if the boys would read their stories to the P4 boys when they had finished. This gave a real sense of purpose and audience – further motivating the writers to do their best!

When the day came to read the stories, PP3 were a little nervous but, in the words of a P4 pupil, they became ‘challenge takers’. They read their stories three or four times to different pupils and, at the end, graciously received some very positive feedback. ‘I could see the ideas in my head,’ said one pupil. Another said ‘They used some really good feelings words’. Many remarked on the writers’ ability to use correct punctuation, even including speech marks. ‘I don’t think I could do all that when I was that age,’ said quite a number of P4.

The next challenge is for the older children to write stories to read to the younger children. Now that they have an audience in mind, this sense of purpose will hopefully motivate them in the same way. PP3 are very much looking forward to hearing what the older pupils produce.