On Friday 22 May the Birkdale School Politics Forum held its first ever virtual meeting. Pupils from across the Senior School came together to try and answer the question, Will Trump Win Again?

The Chairman of Politics Forum, Ahmed gave a brief presentation outlining the current political situation in United States, with a focus on the upcoming Presidential election this November.

This presentation was soon followed by a rigorous discussion which involved several people making very powerful points as to why they thought President Trump will or will not win again.

Arguments made against the idea of Trump winning included his poor handling of the COVID-19 crisis, bad polling figures and the statements he has made throughout his Presidency, perceived to be inappropriate by many. Whilst other people argued that Trump would win a second term in office due to the strength of the US economy pre-COVID and the fact his Democratic opponent Joe Biden is known to make gaffes even when doing virtual rallies.

Finally, a vote took place to see if members of the Politics Forum thought President Trump would be victorious in this November’s Presidential election. In the end 55% did think that President Trump would win again whilst 45% did not.

We would all like to thank Mr Clarke for arranging the Politics Forum and we hope to meet again next half term.