We are delighted to introduce the new Birkdale uniform, for all pupils from PP1 (Reception) to S5 (Y11). The uniform and PE kit will be supplied by a company called SchoolBlazer, the UK’s leading supplier of high quality uniforms to the UK’s most prestigious schools. The uniform will be available to order on the Schoolblazer website from Friday 26 June.

Please click here to find a selection of photographs showing the new uniform. One of the main features we have introduced is the “Wyvern” logo on the jumper and blazer pockets, which creates a unique and strong sense of identity.

At Birkdale, we are committed to high standards of uniform and appearance from all members of our community. We believe a smart appearance reflects a pupil’s approach to life as well as providing our pupils with a corporate identity and encouraging pride in appearance. It also enables positive community recognition and reflects the highest standards and expectations we set at Birkdale.

S1 – S5