At the end of September the S4 Computer Science students took part in a virtual workshop delivered by Cyber Discovery, a competition and awareness-raising event organised by the government to encourage more students to get involved in the IT Security industry. Students watched a Zoom meeting and participated in live questions using Kahoot. The students who took part all learned some eye-opening facts about system security and the people who set out to hack or protect those systems. Even Ivan (who solved all of the qualifying rounds of the competition last year as an S3 Code Club member) picked up some new perspectives.

Last year Matthew (now S5) qualified for the competition rounds of Cyber Discovery and was awarded a sizable prize of Amazon vouchers and invited to take part in a further InfoSec training course (online during Summer due to lockdown.) Matthew is now heading up a team who are taking part in a different event – the Cyber Centurion VII competition. The practice rounds start on 23rd October and the competition goes live on 13th November (ominously on Black Friday!) If you are interested in learning about computer security and would like to participate in Cyber Discovery or Cyber Centurion competitions please get in touch with Mr G Morton in class or by email. Note that Cyber Discovery is only open to students 13 years or older, but training games and tools are available to those in S1 and S2.