Overall the history society balloon debate was very successful. We had 5 people speaking at the event, with more people coming to observe. The subject was on ‘The Greatest Briton’. Each person had 5 minutes to make their case on why the person they chose was the greatest Briton. The 5 contestants were: Josh arguing why Sir Tim Berners-Lee is the greatest Briton for his work developing the World Wide Web; Tom arguing why Sir Frances Drake is the greatest Briton as an explorer; Lewis arguing why Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution is the greatest Briton; Harry on why Jeremy Irons with his prestigious acting career is the greatest Briton and finally Ben arguing his case on why Thomas Edward Lawrence, popularly known as ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ with his work in the middle east is the greatest Briton, with Ben taking the £30 cash prize and the prestigious Historical Association Cup after winning the debate. Many thanks to all involved. History society is available to everyone in the 6th form.

Written by Matthew (L6)