Our Geography Department were thrilled to receive some amazing Tectonic Projects completed by S3 pupils. This was an independent lockdown project,where pupils could choose their own place and type of tectonic hazard and had to work to a design brief to complete it.  It was purposefully aimed at having time off the computer, which they were all very pleased about!

S3W commendations to:

Ben; for a fantastic model volcano and for being the first to present his work.

Will; the only S3 to do the classic volcano experiment and filmed a mega eruption in his back garden!

Also here are a selection of other projects to be commended:

Henry; a classic Vesuvius! Great lava used to show the utter power of vesuvius.

Isaac; a brilliant Hot Spot – Hawaii, this is a tricky one to understand but Isaac provided a very clear explanation.

Daniel; an edible volcano!  He even melted boiled sweets to create glass shards and glass styled lava flows.

Aria; this is such a clear and accurate representation. Aria has brilliantly captured the cross section of the earths crust along with the volcano and urban areas on the surface.

Marios; he has given us an insight in to Greece and his tectonic project explained how one Greek volcanic island erupted to create two.  Fantastic.

Theodore; a superb cross section project with so much detail. Utterly fantastic.

S3T also showed some great projects and again here are the best of the bunch:

Josh; a really great effort at a tsunami wave, which captures the potential energy that the wave presents brilliantly.

Ed; Ed was the only person to make a shoe box where you had to unpack the different layers of the earth, a really unique way of showing how they fit together.

Rowan; took this to a different level and his cake was immense and to prove he didn’t just spend all his time making food for himself he also made an additional information page, this is truly epic.

Max; a large scale volcano that he has sliced through to create a cross section, he has made a brilliant effort at showing the cross section of the volcano.

Harvey; Harvey excelled himself. He has done a great job at producing this model which is really representative of the hazard.

Leo; clear, precise and meets all the requirements Leo has done a fantastic job at providing information alongside his model.

Oliver; this model is very accurate and in particular has very clear explanations of the tectonic processes.

Zach; the effort and energy he has put in to this are remarkable.

Laurie; takes the prize for making a cake most resemble a geography diagram, very impressed!























Laurie Wildman; takes the prize for making a cake most resemble a geography diagram, very impressed.