Remember the Herd of Sheffield? These were painted Elephants you could hunt for around the city, well there is a new animal in town…The Bears of Sheffield!

The Sheffield Children’s Hospital are running “The Bears of Sheffield”, which is a public arts exhibition which will unite the city whilst celebrating everything that is wonderful about Sheffield and its surrounding areas. Co-ordinated by The Children’s Hospital Charity, the trail will bring together businesses, communities, artists and schools whilst supporting Sheffield Children’s Hospital. The Bears (collectively know as a sleuth) are currently being brought to life by artists of all ages, both professional and amateur, and they are set to make a dramatic entrance in July 2021!

Birkdale Prep School has supported the project by taking one of the bears and it will become part of the exhibition this  summer. Here it is, completed by some of our P4 artists and ready to go. It will be wonderful to see the children’s bear out on the streets of Sheffield.

Our bear is inspired by the theme of making connections. The children were keen to represent the connections they have with their immediate environment and where they live, but most notably wanted to create a dialogue about the human connections they have with one another and how the temporary loss of these connections has shaped their hopes for the future.

The road creates a sense of journey or a route to navigate these connections, whilst the heart represents the love, care and kindness needed to create and maintain strong connections both environmentally and physically. Within the heart there are over 400 tiny pictures of our pupils taken during remote learning. There is also a nod to Sheffield’s industrial past at the base of the bear.

Well done and thank you to Miss Frewin (Head of Art and DT at the Prep School) and P4 pupils: Barney; Rory; Tom; Jay and Hashim.