Politics Forum enjoyed a final event of a busy year with a live presentation from America where Mr Eric Welch from Justice High School in Virginia USA gave a presentation about the current state of American politics and then chaired a discussion with questions from Birkdale and Justice High School students.

Mr Welch worked at Birkdale for a year in an exchange programme which saw current Birkdale Headteacher Mr Harris work at what was then called JEB Stuart High School. Mr Welch looked at the current policies of the American administration and the challenges they have in delivering their programme due to partisan nature of American politics and their political system in general.

This Politics Forum was a terrific education experience in general  and highly valuable for Politics A Level in particular. Justice High School and Birkdale have enjoyed excellent links with each other in the past and look forward to doing so in the future. A very big thank you to Mr Welch for making this possible.